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SC Values
The Sound Corporation vision, objectives and values have guided us for over 40 years in all our day-to-day operations: from partnerships with distributors, to relations with customers and suppliers, to internal co-operation, to respect for our competitors - of whatever nature or size.
Vision: we keep our promises.
Sound Corporation keeps the promises made to - and commitments undertaken with - customers, suppliers, collaborators, and local communities.
This vision has been applied throughout Sound Corporation's history, right from when, in 1968, we produced hi-fi speakers and amplifiers for guitars in a small workshop in the province of Reggio Emilia. The Sound Corporation brand-umbrella is a symbol of total quality, innovation and integrity
Our commitment to quality may be summed up in the phrase: "the full satisfaction of the final customer"; innovation could be measured by the numerous patents or owned technologies, but we measure it by the passion of all company staff in the search for continuous development; finally, integrity is reflected in Sound Corporation's reputation which has been earned over the years in the field and for which we have to thank you - esteemed readers of these pages.
Objective: to be leaner, faster, better... together.
The improvement in design, production and distribution processes is an important part of our company strategy and helps us to achieve our key objective: "lean thinking", not only inside the company, but also involving the vast group of suppliers and sub-suppliers built up over many years and aimed at the development of a genuine network of excellent enterprises, focused on the customer and with rapid response times. This is the only way to increase Sound Corporation's productivity and efficiency and, at the same time, achieve the result of effectively putting the customer first in every activity carried out both inside and outside the group.
Values: respect for people, responsibility, transparency, diversity and growth.

These values are the foundation on which we build the future of the Sound Corporation group. We expect all individual conduct and company decisions to comply with the following moral and intellectual principles:

  • Respect for people: people are our most important asset. All members of the Sound Corporation group are free to develop their talent and their potential in order to achieve common goals. We recognise and reward initiative, dedication and commitment;
  • responsibility: each person is responsible for their own work (and wants it to be this way!) - this approach helps to keep standards high, but, above all, fosters honesty, integrity, reliability and frankness in all personal relations;
  • transparency: in order to respect the dignity and rights of every individual in relations with other people, both inside and outside the organization;
  • diversity: in order to exploit the good ideas put forward by everyone and to set us apart from other players in the market;
  • growth: for all parties connected with the company  customers, partners, employees, suppliers, local communities, the government and future shareholders.


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